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Producing a Pro Video Announcement is easier than you think

In this lesson, you will learn 5 tips to producing engaging church video announcements.  Watch the video and read the 3 keys to great video production then complete the form at the bottom.

3 Keys To Great Video Production:

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1. Lighting

Your lighting matters, make sure that both you AND your background are well lit. An easy way to do this is to use a couple of lamps point one at your face and place the other behind you to get rid of shadows. Play with this and come up with a solution that works and you can use every week.

2. Location
Choose a location that is interesting but not too busy. You can use bookshelves or a nice neutral colored wall. Regardless of where you chose to shoot your video, think about what is going on behind you and ensure that it is not detracting from what you are saying and doing on camera.
3. Listen

Take a moment before recording the entire announcement video and do a quick shot so you can listen to what’s actually being produced. Record for 10 seconds or so and check the sound. Are you being adequately picked up? Do you need to talk louder? Is there a background noise that needs to be eliminated? Doing a little bit of work on the front end will help tremendously in the post-production (editing) of these videos.

Shooting the Video

each time you do announcements you will pick from one of the 3 premade scripts (see button) or mix and match sections to create even more versions to use.  We will send you the announcements for the week ahead of time (typically by Monday evening).  The announcement video must be uploaded by Thursday evening of that week.

We use an app called “Big Vu” Teleprompter for recording video:

Uploading Videos

Once your video is shot with Big Vu, you will need to upload to Dropbox.  You will get a link to dropbox folder. We will be placing the announcement videos in the folder: OCC Admin > Announcement Videos. Each week we will delete the previous weeks video, so the folder will likely be empty each time you access it

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