Oswego Christian Church
The Work of a Craftsman
This world is amazingly beautiful from top to bottom.  But the most amazing part of it is that God created you and placed His image inside of you.  This week I want to explore the way God sees you and together we will discover the plan He has for you.
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Below are the images from the sermon:

The Andromeda galaxy – the nearest big spiral galaxy to the Milky way, 2.537 million light years

NGC5189 –  a cloud of glowing gas – with a white dwarf star in the middle

jiuzhaigou  National Park – Sechwan China – Mountains with crystal clear waters

Lake Balkal Russia – freezes 4 months a year and has the most beautiful blue ice

This is the stamens of a wildflower – look at the beauty, the purples whites and the yellows

These are the poisoned fangs of a centipede.  Grabs prey with them, kills and eats

Butterfly proboscis – the butterfly uses this to sip cells of pollen – look at the beauty of it