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Our Latest Podcast Messages

Guest Speaker – Matthew Barrie

The 5 Cabinets


Justin’s Sermon

Gearing Up for the Hunt

No Longer A Slave

Manna, Stop the Grumbling…

Better Not Bitter

Risking Following God

The Long Way Around

Where God Calls, God Provides

The Path to Greatness

Walking Through the Coals of Life


Like Our Father

Hope for those that are not…

Not a battle to fight, but a death to die

The Greatest Easter Egg Hunt

Life in the Unknown


Surround Yourself

Going After “the Nones”

Setting a Desire Point

What does the bible say about homosexuality?

Should Christians Get a Divorce?

Sex in Marriage & the Single Life

The Way Out

Just a Good Ol Boy

How’s that working for you?

God’s Not Done

Blue Christmas

Fighting With No Regrets

How do you forgive when it really hurts

What Drives You?

Finding Life

Finding Satisfaction

Special Guest Speaker: Bill Cochran

Discover Your Purpose

What are Heaven & Hell like?

Why We Die

How to Hear God Speak

Counting the Cost

Remain in Me

Distorted Reality

Legally Wrong

Happiness = Counterfeit Joy

Guest Speaker Nic Johnson

Guest Speaker Justin McKee

Guest Speaker Cory Steeves

Guest Speaker Lance Smith

Parenting – It Takes More Than Luck

Breaking the Argument Cycle

Breaking Apathy

Hope for the Anxious

Breaking Anger

The One Prediction No One Saw Coming

700 Years Before

Rocked by Jesus

Holy Rollers

Be Brave Enough

Josh Goshert

Get Out of the Way

Knowing God’s Will For Your Life

Learning to Pray

Is God Good?

King Me

The Gospel According to Jesus

Check Your Oil AND Your lane

Trust Me – Diving headlong into loss

Funnels Not Buckets

In the Middle

Getting to Christmas

How to Fix a Broken World

the Naughty and Nice List

On the Leash

A Holy Preoccupation

What is the Church

Unleash the Power

Removing Barriers

Built to Last

Stop It!

Near, Far

The Work of a Craftsman

Being a Gospel Picture

The Big But

The Christ

Open Your Eyes

Living for the Glory

Grace Revealed

In Love

First Love – The Church of Ephesus

The Chasing

The Devisive Antidote

Not Weak

Why Pray?

Getting to a “Yes”

God is With Us



The Temptation of Christ

The Great Escape

Dead Men Tell No Stories

The Shepherd

The I Am

Trading the Familiar with the Ferocious

Back Home

Get That Loving Feeling

Sex – The Naked Truth

Your Stench – Stinking for God

Beefing Up Your Integrity

Red Hot Habits!

The Red Hot Family & Smoking Hot Marriage

Zero to Hero

Best Gift EVER! – Christmas Eve

Encountering God’s Promises

Faithful to Answer

From Here to Hope

From Stuck to Unstuck

From Consumer to Content

Getting Good & Godly Advice

Doing the Right Thing – Why it Matters…

Zip It!

Take Advantage

Standing Strong Against What’s Wrong

Understanding The Ultimate Cause…

Resisting Rest

I am With You

Taking the Pressure off of Making Disciples

Getting Rid of Yeah But

Hiding Behind Perfect

Becoming the Man God has Always Wanted

You are Not Alone

God Can Use Even You

Outsourcing Your Parenting

The Comparison Game: For Moms

Dispensed Hope

Unclogging Your Relationship with God

God’s Extravagant Love

Trading Rush for Rest

Failure Doesn’t Mean Finished

Divorce Proofing Your Marriage

Let’s Talk About __________ Baby!

Dying to Love