Family Bible Study:‘Jesus told them more stories. He said, “Here is what the kingdom of heaven is like. A king prepared a wedding dinner for his son. He sent his slaves to those who had been invited to the dinner. The slaves told them to come. But they refused. “Then he sent some more slaves. He said, ‘Tell those who were invited that I have prepared my dinner. I have killed my oxen and my fattest cattle. Everything is ready. Come to the wedding dinner.’ “But the people paid no attention. One went away to his field. Another went away to his business. The rest grabbed his slaves. They treated them badly and then killed them. The king became very angry. He sent his army to destroy them. They killed those murderers and burned their city. “Then the king said to his slaves, ‘The wedding dinner is ready. But those I invited were not fit to come. So go to the street corners. Invite to the dinner anyone you can find.’ So the slaves went out into the streets. They gathered all the people they could find, the bad as well as the good. Soon the wedding hall was filled with guests. “The king came in to see the guests. He noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes. ‘Friend,’ he asked, ‘how did you get in here without wedding clothes?’ The man couldn’t think of anything to say. “Then the king told his slaves, ‘Tie up his hands and feet. Throw him outside into the darkness. Out there people will weep and grind their teeth.’ “Many are invited, but few are chosen.” ‘ Matthew 22:1-14

  • Let’s act out this story, I’ll read it and you act it out. (Give each child parts to play – use stuffed animals for “extras”: The King, The Servants, The people invited, the man not wearing wedding clothes)
  • Did you notice anything in common with the parable we studied last time and this one? (PARENTS NOTE:  this parable and the last one both included a man sending servants to people and being rejected and ultimately the people killing the servants)
  • Why do you think the king invited all the people on the street corners?
  • How is what Jesus came to do like this parable (PARENTS NOTE:  Jesus came to announce the Kingdom of God, He followed centuries of prophets – who were mostly mistreated by Israel.  When Jesus came, he gathered anyone who would listen to be a part of the Kingdom – no matter if they were good or bad.)
  • How would you describe this King to your friends if you were telling them the story?  (PARENTS NOTE: be sure and help your child see that the King was both incredibly generous and gracious, but also someone to be afraid of – this is a good time to talk about the idea of fearing God.  God is both loving and fierce.  When we know Him and love Him we have nothing to be afraid of.  You can use a relationship with someone who was an authority in your life growing up, tell your kids how as a child you didn’t want to disappoint them or make them mad because they loved you so much and you didn’t want them to have to discipline you.)
  • Why do you think the King threw the person out who was not wearing wedding clothes?   (PARENTS NOTE: in our study of this passage, we talked about how the person who wasn’t wearing wedding clothes wasn’t prepared to be there.  They were acting like they didn’t really care about it.)
  • If you saw mom who said she loved her kids but never listened to them when they talked to her, she made them do all the work around the house and never let them play, she only gave them bread and water to eat and drink, and she would watch tv and play on her phone instead of spending them with them.  Would you believe that mommy loved her kids?  Explain?
  • Do you think it’s enough to just say that we love God?  
  • SAY: Love isn’t something we just talk about, is it, love is something we do.  The guy who got thrown out of the party wanted to be at the big meal, but didn’t want to actually get prepared to be there.  God loves you very much and has invited everyone to join Him in His Kingdom – but not everyone will be chosen.  The reason they won’t be chosen is because they chose not to live what they said they believed.  
  • We want to be the kind of family who doesn’t just talk about living for Jesus, but actually does it.  So, complete this sentence, I want to become better at living for Jesus by _______________?
  • FINAL FUN QUESTION:  You guys did a great job today!  Answer this question for me, what kind of food do you hope they’ll have at the banquet of heaven?  (PARENTS NOTE:  in our family, we laughed about having swimming pools full of mac and cheese and houses made out of peanut butter.  Let them have fun with this.)


  • Have a child pray for your family to really live out their love for Jesus today – especially with one another.