Elder Selection Process

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LEAD is our Leadership Initiative for Men

Do you love Jesus and have an interest in learning to be a better leader for your family, church, and workplace?  Then LEAD might be a step you should consider taking.  Get in touch with us today to learn more.

7 Step Process to Select for Eldership


Leadership Training Process:

1.  LEAD

Potential candidates start the entire process by being asked to participate in our leadership course LEAD. Participants are identified by other LEAD alumni and/or the eldership. This group will study the concept of servant leadership and sign a covenant to be a servant leader in their family, church, and community.

2.  LEAD Practicum

Select members of LEAD will be invited to participate in a two-year leadership intensive program called, LEAD Practicum where they practice servant leadership in various roles and ministry initiatives.

Invitation/Vetting Process:

3.  An invitation into the Elder Candidacy process

Potential leaders from LEAD Practicum will be identified and discussed by the current eldership and invited into the below process.

4.  Candidate fills out Questionnaire (download a copy of the Questionnaire)

Candidates will be given the Candidate Questionnaire to fill out and return to the elders to be reviewed and discussed by ONLY the eldership.

Confirmation Process:

5.  Opportunity for Candidates and spouse to ask questions of Elders

The elders will meet with each elder candidate and their spouse (if applicable) separately from other candidates to address any questions or concerns and to cast the vision of the current elderships desire to see this role be a positive part of their families spiritual journey.

6.  Confirmation with the congregation

(if for some reason a congregant does not feel able to confirm the candidate’s biblical qualification, they must provide their reasoning signed and in writing.)
All members of Oswego Christian Church will be given the opportunity to confirm the elder’s decision and participate in inviting the candidates into the eldership in written form. This will serve as a communication vehicle between the eldership and the congregation to learn anything about the candidate that may potentially be hidden from the elderships purview. This will also serve as the opportunity for the eldership to communicate the outlined process of elder selection to the congregation and cast a vision for leadership development among our congregation.

7.  Confirmation and ordination of new elders by current elders

Once the candidate has gone through the entirety of the process, the elders will confirm and ordain the new elders before the congregation and invite the church to be in prayer for these new leaders and their families as they take on the mantle of leadership.

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