MODULE 2: How to Lead Small Groups Like a Pro

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SMALL GROUP LESSON 1: Creating Engaging Small Groups - Kent Wagner

Small Group Lesson 1:

Leading a small group that is engaging is fairly simple as long as you follow a few principles.  In this video, Kent shares what he has learned over the course of his ministry to help you lead a highly engaging small group!

SMALL GROUP LESSON 2: Guidelines for Leading a Great Small Group - Kent Wagner

Lesson 2:

Learning to lead a great small group is pretty simple if you follow these few guidelines.

Overcoming Challenging Small Group People Types

Download the PDF Resource: Overcoming Challenging Small Group People Types

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Konnect Curriculm Training

Learn how to use Konnect Curriculum in order to be effective as a Kids Zone Small Group Leader.


How to Lead Small Groups Like a Pro

Leading a small group doesn’t have to be difficult, follow these simple tips become a great leader!


Becoming a Children’s Min. Expert

You don’t have to be an expert in children’s ministry to lead well, but it doesn’t hurt either.

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