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Oswego Christian Church Prayer Wall

This is a place for the people of OCC to post prayer requests, share scriptures, and encourage one another. Anything posted in this group is ONLY visible to those who are a part of the group.
Linseh Johnson
Linseh Johnson5 days ago
Please, pray for my cousin Cindy Spriggs. She's in the hospital fighting a bad lung infection and has phnemonia.
Also, please continue praying for my Aunt Cindy (Cindy Smith) with everything she has going on. She's one of the strongest lady's I know, but she needs strength from prayers.
Nicki Rife Tomlinson
Nicki Rife Tomlinson5 days ago
The following is an update from my sweet, sweet sister-in-law, Melissa. Please keep her in your prayers as well as my brother. I am just in constant tears for them. It's going to be tough. "Room 6123. That's what's on my mind, Facebook, and the brave man that is occupying it. It is also my room for a while. In this brand new facility, I suppose this is the penthouse, but it's not much of a vacation. Nolan has received phenomenal care here. I will forever be indebted to the talented surgeons that saved his life and the amazing team that continue to care for him in this room. My heart is full of love and sadness at the same time. He has so much to overcome. Please continue to pray for my sweet husband. We don't turn them away in room 6123. Much love."
Nicki Rife Tomlinson
Nicki Rife Tomlinson6 days ago
Update on my brother's surgery. They have placed the trach, removed the tumor and are in the reconstruction process now. Have removed leg bone, muscle etc to replace jaw. Please pray for his physical and mental health after this. Also for his family. Thank you.
Nicki Rife Tomlinson
Nicki Rife Tomlinson6 days ago
He's in recovery now. Dr. Said surgery went well.
Kristin Redburn
Kristin Redburn shared a link to the group: Oswego Christian Church Prayer Wall.7 days ago
Here is a link to the Veterans Day slide show we did at church
On Sunday. Thanks to Bill Cochan for adding music and posting it to YouTube.
Kristin Redburn
Janet King
Janet King1 week ago
Asking for prayers for our son Darrin. He was admitted to hospital today with very bad abdominal pain and cramping. They have been doing tests today but no answers yet.