Being a teacher is one of the greatest gifts anyone can give or receive.  Teaching allows you to open a world of opportunities to those you lead and can make an eternal impact through the relationships you build.  Because being a teacher is such an important position to hold, we do have some basic qualifications that we look for in a teacher at our church – as James 3:1 says, teachers will be judged more harshly so we do our best on the front end to protect those who might not be ready for a deeper level of scrutiny.

5 Teacher Qualifications*

  1. All our Kids Zone teachers (and workers) will undergo a Security Background check**
  2. Our teachers must be living lives worthy of replicating
    • Not addicted to alcohol or drugs
    • Not using coarse language
    • Not sexually engaging with someone other than their spouse (this includes living together outside of marriage)
  3. Our teachers must be growing closer to Jesus
  4. Our teachers must be relationally intelligent (we care about others and treat them with kindness)
  5. Our teachers must be teachable themselves (humility is the hallmark of a great leader.  We are looking for individuals who are teachable and willing to realize that everyone has something they can teach others)

*Teachers are approved at the discretion of ministry staff and elder.

**Any conviction of criminal activity involving a minor will preclude any and all participation in kid & teen (birth-18 year) activities at Oswego Christian Church.  We encourage those with a history involving such convictions to find other ways to volunteer and make a difference.  Our aim with this policy is both to protect children and to protect the individuals looking to serve.

So, what if I’m not sure I match up to these qualifications?

We get it.  Some of us have come out of challenging circumstances and still have some old muscle memory left in us from our previous way of life – there was a time when I would have been disqualified from teaching due to some lifestyle choices I was making.  While we believe that those we lead are worthy of our best, we also don’t believe that you should be totally disqualified from taking your “Going” step just because you don’t have it all together.  There are a lot of areas for service that are not near as up front and scrutinized as a teaching position in our church.  We would love to have you starting your “Going” step as a greeter, or helping with maintenance around the building, you could serve on a kitchen team, or help follow up with new people.  There are a lot of ways to get involved and get Going, the best way is to simply contact someone from our team and let them know you are interested in taking your Going step.

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