PUENTE Ministries – Dear Friends,This update will be a little different than other monthly letters that we have endeavored to send. In nearly all the months of 2010, we have run an incredibly tight ship in terms of ministry budget. We have not lacked, but what we needed has come, most often just in time….

PUENTE Minstries, May 2010 Dear Friends, Since last we wrote, we have been reminded of the importance of not only knowing what the vision is for what we do, but also revisiting that vision in order to stay on track. The overall mission of Puente Ministries is supplied from Scripture, and is articulated in the…


PUENTE Ministries January 2010 Dear Friends,Psalms 77:11-14 says, “I will meditate on all Your works and consider all Your mighty deeds.Your ways O God, are holy. What God is so great as our God? You are the God who performsmiracles; You display Your power among the peoples.” We’re sure it will come as no surprise…


PUENTE Ministries January 27, 2010 Dear Friends,Greetings in Christ from Costa Rica, here at the beginning of 2010! We’re off to a roaring start, and it’s “puro verano” (pure summer/dryseason) at the writing of this letter. Allow me just to add a word of thanks to the year-end receipt enclosed with this letter. Whether you…

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