The Great Commission is a powerful statement that moves you and me beyond any excuse we could come up with to not go. This week Kent explores Jesus’ authority statement to open up how God want’s to remove every “yeah, but” you could throw His way.

Every single one of us is tempted at some point to hide our insecurities behind trying to be perfect. We hide our doubts and fears from one another and never let anyone behind the wall. This week Kent explores the doubts people have as Christians and helps us learn how to view and confront those…

This week Kent explores the story of Gideon to help us learn how to be the kind of man God desires us to be.

It can be especially hard to be the only person standing for Christ when everyone else around you stands for themselves. This week, Kent explores how you can courageously stand when you feel like you stand alone.

Do you ever feel like you are not good enough for God to want to use you?  Nothing could be further from the truth – tune in today to learn how God wants to use someone EXACTLY like you as we start the series Courageous Living!

Parenting is such a tough enterprise.  One of the most difficult things to do is to learn to bring your children up spiritually.  One of the things that make it difficult is the temptation to outsource your children’s spiritual growth to the “experts,” the church.  God’s intention is that you as a parent would be…

Parents can often times fall into the trap of being overly permissive or overly harsh.  This week Kent helps us to understand our role in parenting and leading our children like God leads us.

One of the most devastating traps a mom can get caught in is the comparison trap.  Listen as Kent encourages the moms in our lives to stop comparing and find their value some where other than in the opinion of others.

Understanding God’s love during difficult times can be nearly impossible.  This week Kent explains why we can 100% be confident of God’s love even when our circumstances seem to tell us otherwise.

Ever felt like your relationship with God was stuck?  This week Kent looks at one of the key reasons people get stuck and what you can do about it.  Tune it to learn and be encouraged!

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