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“We love helping people find their way back home to God. It’s my sincere hope that these messages help you connect to Christ in new and profound ways as you find your way back!”

-Kent Wagner (Pastor)

New Here?

Here are some common questions people have before they come:

When Do You Meet?

ornament1 Church is at 10:40am on Sunday mornings.

Every week from 9:30am-10:30am, before church service, we have opportunities for both adults and kids (0-5th Grade/Jr. & Sr. High) to get involved and learn more about following Jesus.

Where Do You Meet?

ornament1 11048 U.S. 59, Oswego, KS 67356

If you’re new to town, we’d love to help you find us. We are right outside of Oswego as you are going South on US 59 (just past the grocery store) Click here to get turn by turn directions.

What should I Wear?

ornament1Jeans and a shirt are all you need!

People worry about what to wear when visiting a church the first time, at OCC you don’t need to sweat it.  Some people dress up, some people wear t-shirts and jeans.  We think it’s the inside that counts!

Do you have stuff for my kids?

ornament1 They’ll Beg You to Come Back!

Every Sunday morning and Wednesday nights during the school year, we have opportunities for your kids to get involved and get connected.   Visit our teen page to learn about our youth group.

Don’t Be Left Out in the Rain…

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  • Kent Wagner

    A Word From Our Pastor

    "As the Pastor at Oswego Christian Church, I want to personally welcome you! We want every single person to feel like this is a place where they can find their way back home to God. We don't care what your background or history has been, at our church, you get a fresh start as we all follow Jesus together!"
  • Mechelle Blundell

    I've never felt more welcomed or loved.

    "Oswego Christian church has become my home & the people within my family. I've never felt more welcomed or loved. I've learned so much not only from our wise minister & staff but also from the wonderful people who are egar to help with any question or any possible need. It is any inviting place to learn about our God, Jesus, & The Holy Bible. I joined this Church & was baptized here almost a year ago. I have never regretted that decision. In fact its the best decision of my life. I have a new found peace & extreme happiness inside my soul that can only be explained by the Holy Spirt residing within my heart. If I could some how explain how wonderful a feeling it really is, I just know everyone would want to feel it too. I just can't put into words the beautiful feelings that come from giving your life to God. I invite all who read this to come visit our church, But most of all i invite you to give Your all To God & just see what he can do for you & your life. I really hope to see You there soon"
  • Rachael Green

    Like Family

    "More like family! :)"

The 4G's

We believe every follower of Jesus has 4 main steps to take in their life as they follow Jesus, we call these the 4G’s.

The God Step

 The God Step is about taking Steps of Faith

The God step is foundational for every follower of Jesus, it’s where we decide to be an integral part of a church, to follow Jesus in baptism, confession, belief and repentance.  The God step includes things like tithing regularly, studying the scripture and being intentional about prayer.

The Groups Step

The Groups Step is About Finding Friends

We know one thing about becoming part of our church – if you don’t find meaningful friendships at our church, you will likely not stick around long.  One of our main goals is to help you find friendships here, but that means you have to be willing to step out to find them as well.  Take the groups step and find some friends.

The Growing Step

The Growing Step is all about spiritual formation

We believe it’s not ok to stay static in your relationship with Christ.  Everyone needs to be growing closer and and closer to the Lord.  The Growing step is all about taking opportunities to sit underneat fantastic teachers to learn about Jesus.

The Going Step

The Going Step is all about the function of your faith

It’s one thing to just talk about our faith, it’s a whole other thing to live it out.  The Going Step is all about living out your faith both in the way we serve in the church and our community.  Those of us who are Going in our faith invite friends to church and serve those around us.  It’s a lifestyle.

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