A Trail Guide to Following Jesus

Mapping Out Tough Questions of Faith for Followers of Jesus

Need to jump-start or revive your relationship with Jesus? This trail guide is written in a refreshing way to help anyone, from the novice to the advanced Christ follower, fall more deeply in love with Jesus and join Him in the mission of helping people find their way back home to God!  Download your FREE copy of “A Trail Guide to Following Jesus” today!

“How do I read the bible?”

“What happens if I mess up and sin?”

“I’m worried I’m going to stop feeling this way about God, what can I do?”

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These are the kind of big questions every follower of Christ wrestles with. Inside this Trail Guide you will find helpful, practical answers to these questions and more weaved together with real life stories to help take complex ideas and make them meaningful and impactful in the places you live and work.